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A videoblogging project, an international conversation, message to the Americans? Message to the French? Message to the Turks?


About this video blog

Are you an expatriate? I'm Eric, an American living in France, and from time to time I've noticed that there are little bubbles utter miscomprehension both the Americans of the French, and the French of Americans. The way I see it, all expatriates have a role of cultural ambassador that they can choose to play if the want. My way of playing it is by creating this video blog.

The idea is simple: say, like me, you're an American living in France. You grab one of your French friends (and maybe a significant other) and ask them if they have a message for the Americans. That is, if they had two minutes to say whatever the heck they wanted to to the People of the United States, what would they say? And with their permission, you put it on the internet. What makes this even more fun is that when you're home for the holidays, you do the same thing with your American friends -- you ask them, if you had two minutes to address the people of France, what would you tell them?

I hope that other people would join this video blog or maybe help me build a community with it. I'd like to see stuff like 'Message to the Chinese', or 'Message to the Kenyans' or 'Message to the Icelanders'. I'd also be neat to see things that bypass America altogether, like a 'Message to the Japanese' by an Italian. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment anywhere on this blog with your contact information. You don't even have to be an expat; it's just that expats would likely be the most interested by this.

We're probably not going to do much to bridge the divide with these messages. Heck, we might even make things worse. But we're going to have a whole lot of fun doing it.


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